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"She’s the MVP in a show of MVPs, especially [when] she goes toe-to-toe, full-on girl fight with her other character, Ma Ferd. It’s riotous and shows the awesome dexterity of Higgins as a comic force."

- DC Theatre Scene

"Tess Higgins is a riot. She makes inspired choices throughout — a subtle shrug here, an unexpected line reading there — and brings frantic commitment to the Act 1 finale, which asks her two characters to fight for the same space onstage."

- The Washington Post

Toxic Avenger//

"Higgins creates a great caricature of the greedy politician...a brilliant performance in the act one closing number, in which Higgins channels two characters at once. She jabs, strangles, pokes, pulls – and screlts – as she duels with herself onstage."

- DC Metro Theatre Arts

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"As good as Broadway veteran Nancy Opel New York...Tess Higgins is even more fun here, especially in her deliciously demented portrayal of the evil mayor."

- DC Theatre Scene


Sioux Falls//

"Tess Higgins aces the foulmouthed wisecracking of Kat"

- Celia Wren, The Washington Post (Sioux Falls)


"Tess Higgins as Kat is a star-quality comic actor who here displays a gift for millennial angst."

- John Stolenberg, DC Metro Theatre Arts (Sioux Falls)

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